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Christophe Vanek

christophe vanek

Christophe Vanek


Christophe Vanek has 32 years’ experience in the boating Industry including 20 years in Yacht Sales. He has an enviable record as a Professional Racing Yachtsman.

His skill is ‘knowing boats’, he ‘knows Boats’ multihulls and monohulls, as only someone who has such a passion for Sailing as he does can know boats. His passion for boats is infectious, as his ability to find the right boat for his clients, using the tenacity, dedication, focus and energy he has brought to his professional racing career.

Christophe has cultivated unique longstanding relationships with all of the High End manufacturers including Lagoon Catamaran, Beneteau Yachts and Jeanneau, Catana Catamarans, Ferretti Group Products while developing his career as a Yacht Broker in Australia and as the Managing Director of Duboats in the Middle East (2007 Personality of the year in the Boating Industry), and now with Dream Yacht Charters as the Managing Director of Queensland Yacht Charters and Dream Yacht Sales in Australia.

Christophe is based in Australia and can be reached by mobile +61 457 036 756 or email: christophe@yachtcharters.com.au